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Foreign Licence Validation in NZ

A current PPL, CPL or ATPL issued by the licensing authority of an ICAO member state may be recognised for the issue of a NZ Validation Permit. A Validation Permit is not a pilot licence but a short term document, which facilitates the exercise of overseas flight crew licence privileges in NZ registered aircraft. An overseas pilot licence will only be considered for validation to an equivalent or lower level of NZ licence.
The successful completion of a NZ Biennial Flight Review is a pre-requisite to the issue of a validation permit for visiting pilots intending to engage in private flying activities under visual flight rules (VFR) in NZ. Application for a NZ PPL Validation Permit should be made using form CAA 24061/18.
Each Validation Permit will specify a maximum validity period of six months. However, this period will not extend beyond the expiry date of the applicants overseas licence or medical certificate under any circumstances.
More information is available from New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority.


Aircraft Hire in New Zealand

A number of Flight Training organisations and private owners are prepared to make their aircraft available those visitors wishing to fly themselves around New Zealand. Safety pilots and instructors, generally fellow IFFR members, are also available.
Naturally, hirers may be required to take a “check ride” with an approved instructor prior to being permitted to take the aircraft away on solo flight.
If you are seeking to hire an aircraft during your visit to New Zealand then email Michael Bryant, IFFR member, of Flight Training Manawatu with your requirements. In New Zealand the hire rate generally includes all basic aircraft operating charges including fuel, oil, insurance and maintenance. The only fees that you will be required to pay in addition to the basic cost of the aircraft are instructors time (if any), Airways Corporation charges and airport landing fees.


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NZ Licence Validation for Australia

If you simply wishes to fly in Australia for a short period of time, the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) will usually issue the visitor with a “Certificate of Validation” upon application that will normally be valid for 3 months. A medical examination is generally not necessary, however the applicant will require a full check flight prior to flying in Australia. The validation of your NZ licence will take between one and three days to complete – depending on how well prepared you are when you arrive in Australia. You will generally need to spend around half a day arranging the licence conversion paperwork, as well as briefing going over Australian procedures and navigation differences. You will then need to complete the check flight, and probably a familiarisation flight. You will need to purchase some basic documentation for your flights in Australia. The minimum documentation includes:

  • Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP).
  • En-route supplement.
  • Maps and charts for the areas in which you want to fly.

If you wish to have these documents sent to you before you arrive in Australia then you can order them at Airservices Australia.

If a longer stay is required, then you can obtain a “Special Pilot Licence” which is based entirely on your overseas licence. This licence requires the same checks as the Certificate of Validation, but it will be valid for a longer period of time. A NZ CPL holder obtaining a validation in this fashion will have the licence endorsed “not available for hire or reward”. This means that you cannot work using your Commercial Pilot Licence. To remove this restriction, a full licence conversion is required.

For more information visit the CASA website.

Several NZ Section IFFR Members have already obtained Australian validation and are willing to provide advice and assistance to members. Please contact our secretary for contact information

Australian Aircraft Hire

At large centres such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth several operators will hire aircraft to foreign pilots with validated licences.

Landings.Com have a link to several FBOs that hire aircraft and of course our fellow IFFR members from Australia are a good resource. Contact the IFFR Australia Secretary for details

USA Licence Validation

It is a relatively straight forward process for Kiwi’s to obtain a validation certificate to fly in the USA.

The FAA website will provide you with all the information you should need to obtain the validation however allow plenty of time for the processing.

Several NZ Section IFFR Members have already obtained USA validation and are willing to provide advice and assistance to members. Please contact our secretary for contact information.

Hiring Aircraft in USA

In general aircraft hiring can be made through FBO (Fixed Base Operators) at almost every airfield in all states. The following are just a few of the more common links you might find useful when considering the hire of an aircraft in USA.

Landings.com have a link to numerous FBOs by state.

A search of MagicYellow (online Yellow Pages in USA) will also show numerous operators by state.

NZ Licence Validation for UK

To fly a UK registered aircraft the UK CAA requires that you hold one of two licences. You must hold either:

  • An appropriate licence granted by the UK CAA,  or
  • A licence issued by a foreign authority and rendered valid under the appropriate UK Air Navigation Order.

As New Zealand is a Contracting State of ICAO you may fly a UK registered aircraft, providing that the licence and medical are valid in accordance with the NZ CAA rules.

There are many conditions that apply so check out the full details on the UK CAA website.

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